Speciality Care Areas

Healthcare starts with your well-being

HealthOn Tucson is nationally recognized for high quality care and successful patient outcomes in the following areas:
Asthma, Diabetes, Hepatitis, HIV / AIDS, LBGTQ Care, Pain Management, Patient Navigation, Preventative Care / Screenings

Asthma Care

Patients receive two to three hours of individualized instruction on how to care for their condition, and parents receive education on how to manage their child’s condition. Children are seen several times in the first year after diagnosis to monitor and record improvement.

“We’ve seen incredible results,” Arthur said. “Children with asthma suffer from not being able to play normally, they miss school because of illness, have trouble sleeping through the night, among other limitations. With this program, we’ve seen a 60-80 percent improvement in kids now being able to do these things, miss less school, as well as a reduction in rescue medication use and emergency visits. So we’ve eliminated two-thirds of these problems.”

This success attracted the attention of other programs around the nation, and HealthOn Tucson became involved with a number of studies that identified this program’s intervention practices as a model for other health centers, Arthur said.


The clinical pharmacy program is particularly successful with patients who have diabetes or are taking multiple medications. “Diabetes comes with other issues –obesity, hypertension. You need to look at patients with diabetes with a holistic approach,” as said by Dr. Rowen pictured above.

Clinical pharmacists meet with patients for a comprehensive consultation. “Behavioral interviewing has been key in helping build our success, listening to our patients, finding out what they know about diabetes – and more importantly – defining what successful diabetes management looks like,” Rowen said.

“Local and national studies have shown statistically significant improvement in blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol through the clinical pharmacy diabetes approach,” Rowen said.

In the program, pharmacists meet with patients and provide comprehensive treatment-based customized drug regimens. The program involves:

  • Ongoing, direct consultation between the patient and clinical pharmacist
  • Integrated treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Education that helps patients learn how to proactively manage their health.

The HealthOn Tucson Hepatitis C Clinic was established to improve the quality of care for patients affected by Hepatitis C, a chronic viral infection of the liver that causes cirrhosis, liver failure and sometimes liver cancer. Education and support groups are offered to those we serve.


Behavioral health specialty services include psychiatric evaluation, medication management, case management, individual therapy, and groups. Services are provided in office or via telepsychiatry by psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, licensed social workers, licensed counselors, case managers, and peer support specialists. Mental health and substance use counseling and relapse prevention services are customized based on patients’ needs and goals. Individual therapy may include EMDR and hypnotherapy. Group therapy may include Mind over Mood, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and other trauma informed modalities. Expressive arts therapy may address relaxation techniques, health and wellness, grief, women’s issues, men’s issues, LGBTQ issues, and substance use. Most insurances accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Located at HealthOn Broadway, 1 W. Broadway Blvd. Tucson, AZ
Phone (520) 309-4200


The Transforming Primary Care for LGBT People Project is working on:

  1. Developing systems to capture sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) data and sexual Health risk;
  2. Fostering a welcoming and affirmative environment to enable care teams to engage LGBT patients in care; and
  3. Developing clinical expertise and supportive systems to identify and manage care needs of LGBT patients.
Pain Management

At HealthOn Tucson we take a multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain management including functional, clinical, emotional and lifestyle assessments. We are participants in national collaboratives driving innovative approaches to team based pain management practices. HealthOn Tucson adult care providers are participating in a 6 month e-consult pilot on chronic pain consultations in collaboration with the Weitzman Quality Institute and Integrated Pain Center of Arizona. This platform is empowering HealthOn Tucson to study the feasibility and efficacy of virtual e-consults for helping our patients who have chronic pain.

Patient Navigation

At every HealthOn Tucson site there are community health advisors (CHA) and team members available to not only help you register as a patient but also to explore health insurance options with you. They can assist with Medicaid-AHCCCS enrollment, ACA Marketplace options, and sliding-fee scale. The CHAs can also help you and your family get access to utility assistance, housing, domestic violence support, food boxes, and specialist care. They want to help you and your family to live safe, healthy, happy lives.

Preventative Care / Screenings

HealthOn Tucson care teams are committed to helping you and your family with preventative health screenings including mammography, colon cancer screenings, immunizations, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis, and others because we are committed to keeping you and your family healthy and well.

RN Care Coordination - Hospital to Home

HealthOn Tucson has registered nurses across all our health center sites to assure you have access to ongoing care coordination. Our patients with chronic diseases and serious health conditions have a registered nurse care coordinator assigned to assure that needed tests are performed, appointments are made, medications are correct, and resources for health education and questions are in place. RN Care Coordinators help with why you are taking your medications, when and how to take them.