Exercise Classes

Healthcare starts now

One of our goals as a community health center is to ensure our patients are able to live healthier and happier lives. We strongly believe that care should extend far beyond the visitation rooms.

Our wellness program offers a number of courses to keep your body active and healthy.


Strengthen, tone and stretch with ballet, yoga and Pilates inspired movements.

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Better Backs

Mat work focusing on core strength and flexibility to manage pain and improve function.

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Better Balance

Balance drills, posture work, and focused strength work from the FallProof! curriculum.

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Get Strong! Strong by Zumba

Upper body, lower body, and core work choreographed to trademark Zumba music.

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Learn and have fun at these informative and engaging classes with topics that benefit us all.

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Simply Stretch

Lengthen chronically tight muscles and increase mobility using different methods of stretching and a variety of tools such as straps, foam rollers, and balls.

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Tai Chi Harmony

A series of movements that work on the body-mind connection for better balance, coordination, and exercises specific to managing arthritis.

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Yoga for an Energy Boost

A simple flow of poses, stretches, and balance work to re-energize during the workday.

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Yoga for Health

An 8-week course to explore powerful strategies for dealing with anxiety and depression through Yoga movement, breathing, and meditation. Each class introduces new skills and tools to incorporate into daily life.

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